About Us

The Canadian Animal Health Institute (CAHI) is the trade association representing the developers, manufacturers and distributors of animal pharmaceuticals, biologics, feed additives, veterinary health products and animal pesticides. CAHI is a national association, whose members are responsible for sales of approximately 95% of the animal health product market in Canada.

We are a registered, non-profit organization, solely funded by annual membership fees. There are over 60 members in the CAHI falling into two categories, Full Members and Associate Members. Stakeholder relations, issues monitoring, collaborative projects are among the benefits of CAHI membership.

Our Approach

CAHI works with governments, veterinarians, farmers, pet owners and the general public. We actively participate on national and provincial working groups, coalitions and committees with the goal to support animal health and animal welfare.

We advocate for a predictable, science and risk-based regulatory approach for animal health products in the Canadian marketplace to the benefit of all Canadians.  This in turn supports international regulatory harmonization, trade and innovation.

CAHI is a member of HealthforAnimals and an observer on the VICH, the International Cooperation on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Veterinary Products.

The Canadian animal health market represents about 2.5% of the global animal health sector.

CAHI Vision

CAHI will remain the trusted science-based voice of the Canadian animal health industry.

Our Mission

To promote the timely availability of safe and efficacious animal health products that contribute to the health and welfare of animals, and a safe and productive food supply, both of which contribute to overall human health and well-being.

Mandates & Objectives


  • Advocate for a competitive science-based regulatory environment
  • Align government and allied industries
  • Collaborate with customers and animal owners to promote compliance
  • Ensure members promote proper use of products through compliance to the CAHI Code of Marketing Practice
  • Are compliant to a science-based Canadian regulatory system
  • Advocate for enforcement of Canadian regulatory requirements
  • Provide efficacious products, work to ensure the availability of products
  • Provide timely and effective responses to emerging issues which impact animal health, welfare and human health
  • Take an active partnership role in the life cycle stewardship of animal health products