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Animal Disease

Outbreaks of serious diseases in animals can have serious impacts on the Canadian economy, trade, and even human health. The animal health industry plays an important role in helping to prevent and control animal diseases.

Animal Disease

Animal Disease

Reportable Diseases

Just as in human health, federal and provincial governments track cases and outbreaks of certain serious diseases in order to keep our herds and flocks healthy, and ensure a coordinated response to serious threats to animal and/or human health.

At the federal level, reportable diseases are outlined in the Health of Animals Act and Reportable Diseases Regulations and are usually of significant importance to human or animal health or to the Canadian economy.

As outlined in the and Reportable, Animal owners, veterinarians and laboratories are required to immediately report the presence of an animal that is contaminated or suspected of being contaminated with one of these diseases to a CFIA district veterinarian.

A table published by the CFIA lists the number of confirmed farmed herds or flocks affected by reportable diseases in Canada.