Animal Welfare

Animal health products are a critical component of ensuring good animal welfare. They provide veterinarians with the necessary tools to help with pain management, disease prevention and treatment. Without animal health products some common diseases and conditions like intestinal worms, influenza, bacterial infections, anemia and necrotic enteritis could not be prevented or treated.

Healthy animals not only feel well, they are more productive. This means farmers can both keep animals in a better state of welfare while using fewer resources like water and feed. This in turn helps keep our food safe, prices down and reduces our carbon footprint.

Globally, the animal health industry is shifting towards regional research laboratories with the intent to use alternative processes that require fewer animals in the development of new products. VICH, which is an international program involving Canada, the European Union, USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, has committed to minimize the use of test animals going beyond the typical animal welfare values to replace, reduce and refine procedures where animals are used in research. These initiatives lead to fewer animals needed for animal health research and development.

To better understand CAHI’s thoughts on animal welfare, click here to read our position statement.