2023 "Cutest Pets on Parliament Hill" Contest

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2023 Cutest Pets on Parliament Hill Contest

CAHI is thrilled to introduce the winners of the first annual "Cutest Pets on Parliament Hill" contest!

We received a LOT of phenomenal entries from Parliamentarians, Senators, staffers and members of the Press Gallery on Parliament Hill, who submitted photos and some amazing stories about their beloved pets. Thank you to everyone for casting your votes!



Matteo is training to be a therapy dog & hopes to pass his assessments with the Ottawa Humane Society so his human can instruct courses as a volunteer and use that experience with Matteo to visit schools, hospitals, and more.

Seen in his submission photo visiting the Animals in War Memorial in Ottawa, Matteo shares his human’s passion for Law Enforcement, proudly sporting his own tactical harness with his name on the back and a maple leaf beside it!   He also sports a maple leaf flag on the front of all three of his tactical harnesses.

Matteo loves to teach dog etiquette at the park and sometimes will stand up for other dogs & break up fights, so fittingly his harness has a “PAW PATROL” patch to distinguish his service to Canadian pups !!

He is also equipped with his own mini-sidearm and handcuffs to show that he has his use of force training; but because he is a good boy, he can always diffuse a bad situation with his kindness and smile!

Matteo hopes to one day join the Parliamentary Protective Service constabulary with his human as a therapy dog team to conduct official business and provide support to anybody and everybody on the Hill.



Shohei Ohtani (a.k.a. “Shohei Meowtani”) is named after the cutest and most talented baseball player in the MLB, objectively speaking.

And while this charming 11-month-old Siberian kitten may not be as talented as his namesake (yet), his cuteness is overwhelming to all who meet him. In terms of looks, the extra tufts of fur on his paws and ears get a lot of attention.


But you might be shocked to know his personality is the best part about him, with a temperament that allows his humans to hold him like a baby and kiss him on the face for an unreasonable length of time.





You could say Petunia is no ordinary chicken. She is the Regal Queen of her flock. Her calm, yet firm temperament is apparent when she makes her appearance outside her castle. She is a Silkie, named for its atypically fluffy plumage, which is said to feel like silk and satin, appropriate for Queen Petunia.

Not only does Petunia feed Canadians with her delicious farm-fresh eggs, she also provides an endless supply of cuteness with her fluffy wings and impeccable hairstyle. All pets should aspire to be more like Petunia.