Our Code

Over 30 years ago, the CAHI Board of Directors wanted to ensure high ethical standards in the animal health industry, and developed our Code of Marketing Practice for member companies.  

Adherence to the Code is a requirement of CAHI membership.  The Code of Marketing Practice provides a forum to resolve promotional disputes through mediation and, if required, arbitration.  It serves to maintain a high standard of ethics for the promotion of animal health products and goes beyond the regulatory requirements in the Canadian Food & Drugs Act, Health of Animals Act, Pest Control Products Act, and Competition Act.

From time to time the Code is reviewed and revised as needed to address the changing needs of the animal health industry.

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Legal Opinion - Application to Direct to Consumer Products and Animal Pesticides

Our Code in Action

On October 30, 2012 the Code of Marketing Practice Review Committee met and arbitrated a complaint that was lodged by Elanco against Novartis Animal Health Canada.

A requirement of the Code of Marketing Practice is publication of a notice in the Canadian Veterinary Journal of an arbitration decision. A copy of that notice pertaining to the October 30th, 2012 decision can be found here.