Priority Animal Health Needs

At the heart of CAHI’s mission is a commitment to working to ensure that Canadian veterinarians, farmers, ranchers and pet owners have access to the best and most innovative veterinary products available.

Priority Animal Health Needs

As a part of this commitment, CAHI has launched a Priority Animal Health Needs (PAHNs) initiative to work with veterinarians and producer associations to track the availability of veterinary drugs, vaccines and pesticides in Canada year over year, identify priority animal health needs for specific products currently not available on the Canadian market, and develop strategies to increase access to these products going forward.


  • Establish closer partnerships with the veterinary and production animal sectors to understand how and where red tape is impacting animal health and welfare in Canada.
  • Partner with veterinarians and producer groups in our dialogue with regulators and decision-makers to voice concerns about the resulting unmet priority animal health needs.


New Animal Health Products

The development of new veterinary medicines, vaccines and pesticides requires extensive research and testing. HealthforAnimals, CAHI’s international affiliate has developed an infographic about the process of taking a medicine from discovery to sale.

The pathway to new Veterinary medicines