We are Leaders

Canada has shown animal health product development leadership in:

  • Food animal therapeutics, vaccines and productivity aids
  • Companion animal therapeutics and vaccines, as well as for the management of arthritis, cancers and behavioural disorders
  • Wellness products and services for the companion animal, including natural health products, diagnostics, pet food and nutrition
  • Aquaculture products targeted largely for use in salmon and trout to prevent and treat disease
  • Diagnostic products to more effectively detect disease at an earlier stage to allow for faster, more effective interventions
  • Use of veterinary and animal production apps, big data and cloud-based computing to more effectively and efficiently raise animals

Key Factors Impacting Sales

  • Economics
  • Trade
  • Overall population demographics, including pet populations
  • Veterinary practice trends
  • Regulatory climate
  • Product distribution and sales
  • Consumer attitudes

Key Strengths and Opportunities

  • Abundant resources, particularly water, to support animal production
  • Good infrastructure, including transportation networks
  • Stable governments and regulatory regimes
  • Highly competent veterinary profession
  • Producer-driven quality assurance programs on farms
  • State of the art research facilities and world class researchers
  • Public granting agencies to financially support innovative ideas and new products
  • Long periods of patent protection

In November 2014, CAHI submitted a detailed analysis of the sector’s challenges and opportunities to the International Animal Health Journal.

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